Buxom Bandit.



Only on the Gold Coast could this happen.

A “Girl in a low cut top” robbed a petrol station. If it was anywhere/ anyone else, it’d be an 8 second sound byte at most. But because she’s blonde and on the Gold Coast, it’s a sensation. Smart money says she’ll be in zoo magazine as soon as she’s out of court. At this stage she’d be better off turning herself in, have zoo pay her legal fees and take the cash from the magazine shoot. Probably make more cash that way than robbing petrol stations anyhow.


She’s no genius though. Wears a glove to avoid leaving fingerprints, but puts it on her right hand. She touches everything with her left.


 Full video here: http://youtu.be/TxgPgGJ1sNU


No more TomKat? Wow thats…. entirely predictable.



So, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes-Cruise are splitting. What will he do now to convince everyone he’s not a level 9000 Thetan warlord lunatic with unanswered questions about his sexuality.

Tom Cruise’s marriages are like a relationship version of “Logan’s Run”. That classic sci-fi movie where people living in a utopian society must turn themselves into the authorities at 25 years old, so they can be killed. Except with Tom Cruise, it’s 33.

Seriously. Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and now Katie Holmes were all 33 when they split with Cruise. Perhaps they got tired of  dating a midget who kept sneering at their boobs.

Wouldn’t affect my opinion of Cruise one way or another, I think he’s a bit of a douche no matter who he’s sleeping with. 
I can understand why he wouldn’t out himself. Consider this: Name one openly gay actor who plays a straight man on any movie/syndicated TV show.

Now think of another one who is not Neil Patrick Harris.

Hollywood doesn’t cast (male) gay actors in straight starring roles. Kind of like how Will Smith is the only black guy who seems to be allowed to have a white girlfriend in hollywood movies. They don’t want to risk a boycott from rednecks.


Of course, the list of female gay actors playing straight roles is pretty long. From Jodie Foster, Portia De Rossi and Anne Heche for a start.

Still, should be interesting to see him try and date again. Hopefully he can do a much better job of quashing those gay rumours by picking up a girl than John Travolta has done by getting all mushy with his wife in public.



Seriously John, that’s your wife! Not a newborn sparrow you’re trying to feed by regurgitation! Even if you are trying to check out the male reporter behind you, you’re an award winning actor! Fake it!

Just another example why celebrities are not good role models for relationships. Although I will probably find it funny to attempt to feed my wife  my half eaten dinner later.


OK, here is where I’m just going to vent and attempt to amuse anyone who happens to find this thing. I have to go now as my wife is talking about pugs and their skinfolds. She is now upset that I am still typing instead of listening to her. Probably the first time a man has gotten in trouble for writing a blog before it’s even published.

Off to a good start.